If anyone owns an exotic in London, you might want to keep it locked up very tight and keep the windows closed. Due to the madness that's happening with a lot of foreigners invading the big European financial center and tearing up the streets, it appears locals are taking matters into their own hands.

Earlier this week we saw a clip of a bicyclist cut off a Lamborghini Aventador ON PURPOSE to slow the loud, V12 motor powering on down the road. Of course the Aventador driver was a jerk but that doesn't make it right for the cyclist to make a childish statement.

Now we're seeing more absurd behavior. A women piloting her Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder in a calm manner down the avenue is pelted with an egg. Top down, of course.

A videographer who films exotics just was doing his thing when he captured it on camera. According to them, they said it was likely from an apartment on the main drag.

Any thoughts on this, Spies?

So while out filming footage yesterday this poor female driver in her Ferrari 458 Spider had an egg thrown at her. It took me a few seconds to just realise what had happened. I am pretty sure it was from one of the flats/apartments above Sloane Street, although I didn't see who did it. Scum behaviour.

VIDEO: London Is On FIRE! Actually They Just Have It In For Exotics — Look What Happens To This Female In Her Ferrari 458 Italia

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