Go ahead. Rank your children in order from worst to best. I'll wait. Not easy, is it? Yet that's the task we've been given for this month's Big Test. Small sport sedans are to automotive journalists what paparazzi are to the Kardashians: We wouldn't exist without them. Flip side of that coin: It's hard to imagine the car world would be so crammed with smallish, sporting, executive rides if it weren't for the four-plus-decade-long chorus of praise we've collectively hurled at BMW and the 3 Series, including the 2002 before it. Hey, they are good. And not only are the Bimmers good, but all the cars competing with the original are pretty sweet as well. And they're getting sweeter all the time.

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Motor Trend Comparison Test: 2013 Audi S4 vs. BMW 335i xDrive vs. Cadillac ATS vs. Lexus IS350 AWD vs. Volvo S60 T6!

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