In our opinion, the percentage of time websites spend covering cars only three people on earth can afford or the oddball ride the WRITER has a man crush on is definitely skewed in the wrong direction.

Yes we cover the world's finest autos but we don't forget to write about the premium cars that MOST people are looking for and can afford to drive off the lot.

In this case the 2014 Lexus IS250.

It may not raise the hair on your neck but they sell a TON of them.

Check out what a Club Lexus reviewer and his friends thought of his tester...

Highlights from the review:

"Lexus has been putting out a lot of hype about the 2014 IS. It's got their new corporate maw, edgy new styling, and handling that's supposed to compete with BMW and Mercedes latest. No one would fault the out going model as a "bad car" by any measure, but I don't think anyone would've called it daring. At least, that the general opinion of the automotive public. The latest Lexus IS definitely has a more detailed design, but the question is always whether it drives as good as it looks.

The big deal with this updated IS is the new suspension and chassis they shared with the GS. If you're used to Lexus' feeling like a rolling sofa, you'll be relieved here. The chassis is responsive but the electric steering takes some getting used to. It's not communicative of the road. It is accurate, however, and the car will go where you tell it to without hesitation or drama.

As we stormed up the coast towards Big Sur, the coast turns twisty and craggy. There was no sign of lost grip at any point even when pushing it a little bit in the corners. In a word, the car felt grounded. The car would hold a lower gear without issue and shift aggressively when left in automatic. This key because the IS 250 is not a powerful car; it only has about 200 horsepower. When you're thrashing on it, the 2.5 liter V6 spends a lot of time screaming it's lungs out without much actual speed. The torque was adequate though, and never did I feel that the car struggled under its own heft. It's just not going to make your hair stand on end.

I'll be the first person to admit that I'm probably not the target market for this car. I'm too young, too broke, and way too in love with things that are a threat to my physical safety at every turn of the key. But I did enjoy this car. It's surprisingly versatile. Being a Lexus, it's perfectly at home to the city streets and highway grid lock, but everyone expected that. I'd say it's a worthy alternative to the 328i or the C250. If luxurious comfort is your concern, you can definitely pick the Lexus without sacrificing much, and paying less.

Even in this basic configuration, the IS 250 has taken a determined step away from blandness. That grill--love it or hate it--is anything but anonymous, and the styling breaks from Lexus' slab sided cookie cutter mold."

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REVIEW-2014 Lexus IS250-Has Lexus Given Their Faithful A Cure For Blandness?

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