There are three things Chris Brown is known for: 1) That whole Rihanna thing, 2) His trouble with the law, and 3) His Lamborghinis, which are modified in arguable taste.

Well, it turns out he did another one though it may not be half bad, depending on your style.

According to reports, Brown went to JC Customz and brought him a Nike Foamposite sporting a similar color scheme. The orders were simple: make the car look like the shoe.

So, that's what JC Customz did.

But here's the catch, it's not a wrap. This is all hand painted to the tune of $15,000. That's a big difference from a wrap that can be applied and removed for a grand or two.

Chris Brown just did it ... he painted his Lamborghini Aventador just like a Nike Air Foamposite Camo sneaker ... just for the hell of it.

We spoke to the owner of JC Customz in Bellflower, CA -- who tells us Chris rolled into the shop last month -- along with the Nike shoe -- and asked the guys if they could replicate the camo pattern on the car.

We're told the work took 4 weeks to complete -- all handpainted, no wrap -- with the total cost running close to $15k...

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AWESOME or AWFUL? Chris Brown Gives His Lamborghini Aventador A Custom Paint Job

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