It used to be that BMW would introduce a product and then everyone would try to copy it (i.e. The Bangle Butt) but for the first time in as long as I can remember it seems they have actually mimicked a design element from one of their competitors.

When I first saw the shots of the new BMW i3 profile I was kind of in shock when I saw the profile pics.

To my eye along the side of the rear shoulder they could have just slapped an 'I HEART EVOQUE' sticker because it sure looks to us like that came RIGHT off the baby RR.

Even the orange color is a ripoff of the Evoque auto show concept.

Car companies do this all the time but not usually BMW.

What say you Spies? Do you SPY what we SPY with YOUR eyes?

And if you do does it bother you that it's being done by BMW or is that just the nature of the biz?

2014 BMW i3 Photo Gallery

2014 BMW i3 Photo Gallery

Is It Just Us Or Did BMW COMPLETELY Rip Off The Range Rover Evoque With the i3 Rear Profile?

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