Now I am not a gigantic Lamborghini fan, I'll be first to admit. But if I were to make that move I'd likely make mine Verde Ithaca, which is essentially lime green. Lamborghinis tend to look pretty awesome in that shade as the color accent the angular design.

But one particular McLaren customer who must have been somewhat familiar with the Lamborghini-specific color decided to order their MP4-12C in the same hue. And then they piled on even more special options.

Clearly, this isn't your standard MP4-12C.

With only 2,500 miles on the odometer, it's pretty much a showroom fresh vehicle. The seller currently has set its internet price at $265,000 but we reckon it may be a bit of a tough sell as most McLarens we've seen tend to be wanted in white, silver or that classic Papaya Orange.

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AWESOME or AWFUL? Is McLaren's SPECIAL Order Verde Ithaca MP4-12C A Nice Touch?

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