You know if there's one very deceiving profession, it's a professional skateboarder. Though a lot of folks may give skateboarders some guff, the reality is if you're good at it — like anything else — you can reap some serious rewards. I mean, c'mon, some of these guys eat it big time with their head on the concrete more often than not.

One of those successful entrepreneurs is Rob Dydrek, known for his skills at the skate park and his pretty funny MTV shows like "Rob and Big," "Rob Dydrek's Fantasy Factory," and his latest show, "Ridiculousness."

Spotted by a cell phone snapper on the Pacific Coast Highway, it doesn't look like Dydrek's living a bad life. Malibu, a Ferrari 458 Italia in white and a contrasting black roof, I can't imagine it getting much better than that.

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Pro Skateboarder AND MTV Star, Rob Dydrek, Snapped In His Ferrari 458 Italia

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