For years Ferrari has been producing special editions of its entry-level, mid-engined sports cars. Let's see:

- 348 Speciale
- 355 Serie Fiorano
- 360 Challenge Stradale
- 430 Scuderia

Now it has released the all-new roadgoing special V8. It's dubbed the 458 Speciale and to be straightforward it is easily the most extreme version roadgoing vehicle the company has built yet. That's because if you take a look closely you will note it is covered with special aerodynamic tricks AND some of them are active.

Power is now up to 597 horsepower, a bump from the standard car's 562. Zero to 62 is now three seconds flat and the Special laps the Fiorano circuit 1.5 seconds FASTER than the Enzo and .5 seconds slower than the all-new F12, which boasts 700+ ponies.

It's a remarkable achievement, no doubt.

Tifosi Rejoice! Ferrari Unveils The 458 Speciale — Easily One Of The MOST Extreme Roadcars Maranello's Produced

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