A little alliteration. Gotta love it, though I must admit I am not particularly good at the skill.

Ferrari's latest sports car is one for the history books. Though it seems that phraseology is thrown around far too often with all-new Ferrari debuts, the reality is that the marque continues to make significant leaps in the development of its products.

Said to have an extra 30-someodd horsepower on board plus a flurry of advanced aerodynamic changes, the boys and girls in Maranello have informed us that its much faster around Fiorano than the Enzo and a touch behind the almighty F12 with 730 horsepower.

To be built in limited supply you better believe they're going to be sought after for years to come. Just look at the prices Challenge Stradales and 430 Scuderias are fetching. They're MUCH higher than the standard 360 and F430, respectively.

Ferrari 458 Speciale Spotted. First video! In Barcelona streets. Spot Ferrari.

SPIED + VIDEO: Ferrari's All-New Hardcore 458 Speciale Spied Shooting In Spain

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