For the daughter of an Italian car collector living in the homeland, she needed a set of wheels. But because her father didn't want to shell out the dollars for an all-new ride — I assume because he had around 20 cars to choose from — he told her to pick anything from the collection.

Though there were other vehicles to choose from, like a Porsche or an Alfa Romeo "Duetto," Annalisa chose the teeny tiny Bianchina with 18 horsepower. It can't even surpass 50 km/h.

But we will admit that it's cute, functional and has a retractable roof. So, what's there NOT to like for a woman? Not to mention there is an unbelievable amount of character in this vehicle.

It actually reminds me of the vehicle when Top Gear crossed Botswanna and Richard Hammond opted for his love, "Oliver," the Opel Kadett. 

Before the summer is completely over, we'd like to take you for a short ride along the Adriatic coast in the town of Rimini, Italy, where Federico Fellini was born. His unpredictable approach to life is something that lives on in the people of Rimini. Annalisa and her car are examples of this. She could have chosen to drive any of the more popular, high-performance cars among the ones that her father had in his collection, but she chose the Bianchina, because is the one that brings smiles to peoples' faces.

VIDEO: You Can Take The Porsche, Duetto Or Bianchina — She Took The Bianchina

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