A talented Macedonian-based artist, Anton Gjorsev, has done something pretty nifty if we do say so ourselves. Though we don't know much about the gent, it seems he's pretty amazing at Photoshop and putting together some automotive concepts.

The latest piece he's cropped together is a speculative take on what a Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Black Series would look like if the automaker took a walk on the wild side.

Though we reckon that it's a bit of a stretch as Mercedes has already announced it will be producing a racing variant for those looking to hit the track in style, it's always to sit back and wonder, "What if?"

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Speculative render of what I think Mercedes should do with the CLA.

Started to do this as a quick one, just to see how would a Black Series CLA look like, and I really liked it.

So I decided to put some more effort into it and make it right.

Hope you like it.

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RENDERED SPECULATION: What IF Mercedes-Benz Created A CLA 45 AMG BLACK Series?

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