Bentley's board is plotting a four-door coupe to take on BMW’s M6 Gran Coupe and Merc’s CLS63 AMG, as it considers a car beneath the Continental GT. The new baby Bentley is on the cards following a seismic board meeting earlier in 2013, where chairman Wolfgang Schreiber and his team assembled to discuss the expanded Bentley range out to 2020, and the platform that will underpin it.

An SUV – previewed at the 2012 Geneva motor show – is confirmed in for 2015, as are the new Mulsanne and the third-generation Continental GT family. But the shock news is the exploration of a new baby Bentley for 2018, either as a standalone model or part of the Conti range.

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Bentley Targeting BMW And Mercedes With This Swoopy 4 Door Coupe?

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