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At first glance, I found myself disappointed with the overall aesthetic of the production version of the BMW 4 Series. Coming from the strong, aggressive stance of the 4 Series Concept Coupe, the bar was set quite high. I particularly enjoyed the front and rear lower valences as it pulled something different into the design not previously found on BMWs with the integration of the air dam at the front and subtly hidden exhaust at the rear.

The production version left me feeling a bit deflated with something that fell very clearly from the 4 Series Concept but much closer to a two-door version of the F30 3 Series Sedan. The BMW 4 Series Coupe isn’t a disappointment on a standalone basis but its a tough battle to fight when it stands in comparison to the well-received 4 Series Concept.

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Delightful Or Disappointment? 2014 BMW 428i M Sport Gets Run Through The Paces

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