Late last week we heard news of Formula One reserve driver, Maria de Villota, passing. Of course we never like to hear such things but we knew something was a bit "off" with initial reports.

At the tender age of 33, it just seemed a bit too early for this driver to leave us due to "natural causes."

It turns out that her death was, in fact, related to injuries sustained in her crash that left her with severe trauma to her head — including the loss of her right eye.

In a statement issued by de Villota's family, the word is that a forensic doctor informed her kin that Maria died "as a consequence of the neurological injuries she suffered" from the 2012 crash.

When it seems that the logistics behind the crash could have been prevented, it was nice to see that during the final year of her life de Villota was caught on camera typically with a smile even though it couldn't have been an easy recovery.

Our thoughts are with Maria de Villota's family and the Marussia racing team.

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Formula 1 Reserve Driver, Maria de Villota, Death Related To 2012 Accident

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