As we do tend to keep track of Hollywood's elite and their latest rides, it seems that everyone is just going crazy these days. More than ever owners are getting that much more eccentric with their choice of wheels and how they decide to personalize them.

While we've seen 50 Cent start the chrome trend with his chrome-painted Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster years ago, it seems that it's a bit passé. Why? Why custom paint a vehicle when you can wrap it?

That's precisely what rapper Tyga did.

You may have heard of Tyga before. He's known for his music but also for crashing a white Lamborghini Aventador coupe not too long ago. Well, now he's moved up to the Aventador Roadster and opted to have it stand out from the crowd with a rose gold wrap care of West Coast Customs.

There's no question it's unique. Tasteful? That's in the eye of the beholder...

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Rapper Tyga Loves Goooooooold — Custom Wrapped Lamborghini Aventador

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