We are under the impression that if you can afford one of Audi’s $136,795 long-wheelbase A8L luxury sedans fitted with the available 6.3-liter W-12 engine, then you’re not just riding exclusive, but you’re also an odd-engine connoisseur. Apparently, there’s yet another level of exclusivity to be found in Audi’s A8L W12, and it’s called, appropriately enough, the Exclusive concept. Audi has announced it will build 50 of these extra-special A8s early next year, and it should make customers feel extra exclusive.

In case you weren’t aware, Exclusive is the name of Audi’s custom-tailoring effort, which affords buyers a wider palette of leathers, trim inlays, and paint colors to more finely individualize their rides. As such, the lion’s share of the limited-production Exclusive concept’s standout features live inside the already sumptuous cabin. Audi put in a call to Italy’s Poltrona Frau people and got their hands on an acre of chocolaty brown leather that’s described as “particularly soft and natural-looking.” We agree—even in photos we can practically hear those cows mooing. Because regular cow butt isn’t exclusive enough, though, Audi managed to get Poltrona Frau to send over special, diamond-quilted cow hides. Or maybe the Germans stitched that in. Either way, it looks fantastic and contrasts nicely with Granite Gray–colored stitching and piping.

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Audi to Build 50 A8L W12 Exclusive Concepts With Leather From Italian Furniture Designer Poltrona Frau

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