Lexus will reach a global sales record this year, a top executive said while unveiling the close-to-production prototype of the luxury brand's RC sporty coupe.

Mark Templin, executive vice president of Lexus International, today said worldwide sales would "finish on the north side of 520,000," edging Lexus' all-time high of 518,300 units in 2007.

And Lexus' volume should rapidly expand in the next couple of years as U.S. demand recovers and the brand adds product, he said. The RC and a compact crossover are upcoming entries.

"We've already come to surpass our 2007 number, even though the U.S. market hasn't grown back yet," Templin said. "The biggest growth in sheer volume over the next few years is going to come from the U.S., just because the market is still growing back."


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Lexus Expects 2013 Global Sales To Top 2007 Record Of 518,300 Units

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