There is a good chance that you had never heard of Paul Walker before the first F&F movie. That’s because, although he had done a fair amount of acting before, it was his real-world love of cars which made him right for the role. But with his passing, the filmmakers, already working on Fast and Furious 7, have had to put the project on hold while they figure out how, or if, it can still be finished. One solution has been offered, but you might not like it.

The idea proposed is to put none other than Justin Bieber in the movie. Whether the idea is to actually replace Walker with Bieber playing the same character, or if some other idea is being worked out (Bieber could be the younger, twerpier brother, for example) isn’t entirely clear.

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RUMOR MILL: Justin Bieber May Replace Paul Walker In Fast And Furious Role?

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