Michael Schumacher is, arguably, one of the greatest Formula One drivers to ever hit the circuit. Sure, things didn't go all that well after his departure from Ferrari, but we'll overlook that as he was a dominating force. Now that he has retired for a second time, it is likely he will never return back to the sport.

During his first retirement, Schumacher took a role at Ferrari as an advisor. Working as Jean Todt's "super assistant," he helped test cars and personally developed them. One of those was the 430 Scuderia, the swan song of the F430.

According to GTSpirit — who apparently knows the seller — it has reported that Schumacher's red 430 Scuderia coupe is for sale in Germany. It is the only one he had aside from a yellow 16M Scuderia Spider — the drop-top version of the 430 Scuderia.

You wouldn't know its Schumacher's former car aside from the subtle "M.S." on the center console where the F1 gear selection is located.

If you're interested in acquiring it, or simply want to see more images of one of the great's personal vehicles, click "Read Article" to check it out.

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