Trademark filings have become one of the best ways for discovering the names or even shapes of future vehicles over the past few years.

So careful are automakers about protecting their intellectual property that names are often trademarked years in advance--and that appears to be the case with the latest series of Audi models whose names have come to light.

Autocar reports that several new Audi nameplates have been registered, hinting at a raft of future models. Among the names is "SQ2", which almost certainly refers to a high-performance version of Audi's upcoming small crossover model, sitting below the Q3 in the marque's lineup. The Q2 is said to be inspired by the Crosslane coupe concept, and the "SQ" designation would fit with other high-performance crossovers in the carmaker's range, like the recent SQ5.

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Audi Files For Q2 And SQ2 Trademarks - Are You Ready For A New Four Ringed Crossover?

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