From the tropics to the bitterly cold north in the same week?  Well our Agent at large has just done that and is now in the windy city itself for the Chicago Auto Show!  

While we all consider the Detroit Auto Show as the big daddy of the Auto Show circuit, the Chicago Auto Show is actually a larger venue and gives the automakers the room to spread out and the chance to showcase new concepts and even bring a few out of hiding.

So what can we expect from Chicago? Well expect several debuts but the biggest news might be a second look at some of those amazing concepts that were at Detroit but got in the shuffle.  How about a closer look at the new Lexus crossover, or those amazing Toyota concepts?

Sometimes that second look is the best look of all.  So keep your eyes peeled as we just opened up the Official Chicago Auto Show Preview Gallery.

Chicago Auto Show Preview Gallery

Chicago Auto Show Preview Gallery

The Spies Brave The Cold To Give You A Peek Of Hot Things To Come With Chicago Auto Show Preview Gallery

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