And just like that, after weeks of hype and excitement, the 2014 Geneva Motor Show (#SIAG) is over. Though it appears that automakers may not be done with the unveils — as we saw tonight, BMW distributed information on the all-new X4.

As one of our favorite auto shows, Geneva once again brought the goods. If there's one thing I love about the Geneva show, it's the diversity of the products. Though there's a good chunk of autos we'll never see on this side of the pond, I love having the chance to see them up close and personal through amazing photos. Of course it would be better to be there in the flesh but that's another story.

After you take a spin through the shots below, I'd like to see if anyone else is noticing a different type of vibe or theme emerging from this show compared to others we've seen so far this year. I won't give away what I am thinking now, but I will discuss it in the comments.

Let's see if we're on the same page.

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**We want to thank our good friend Mircea over at for providing these shots

Geneva Motor Show #SIAG

GENEVA MOTOR SHOW: That's It, Lights Out! Day TWO Is In The Books. Do YOU Notice Anything Though?

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