If you've been following the Korean automakers in the past handful of years, you would have noticed there's been a significant shift in the styling department. While Hyundai and Kia products used to look dowdy, lumpy and just plain odd, it seems that they've recently hit their stride with sophisticated and intriguing designs.

Could it have to do with former Volkswagen Auto Group's Peter Schreyer moving to Kia — Hyundai's sister company. I think the answer is, more or less, pretty clear. This has led to more Korean-based concepts looking distinctly European. This is not a bad thing.

The funny thing now is that some of the concepts being turned out by Hyundai and Kia are better than a lot of what's coming from Europe. Take, for example, the Kia Niro. That thing was just remarkably good looking.

At the 2014 Geneva Motor Show we saw the debut of the all-new Hyundai Intrado concept and Volkswagen's T-ROC concept. Both vehicles are compact sport-utility vehicles and both are good looking products.

But, WHICH ONE looks better to YOU?

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Geneva Motor Show #SIAG

GENEVA MOTOR SHOW: CAR WARS! Hyundai Intrado vs. Volkswagen TROC — WHICH Looks Better To YOU?

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