Oh-kay, so, out in Europe where they have had access to the all-new BMW 1-Series for about a year now, the M135i has become an enthusiast and journalist favorite. Folks are praising it left and right.

Of course we won't get the M135i, we'll get our hands on the M235i as hatches are not exactly strong sellers in the States.

See Agent 001's VIDEO REVIEW of the BMW M235i

But now we've got Audi throwing its hat into the ring with the all-new S3. Equipped with all-wheel drive, it's not thought to provide the same amount of fun as a rear-wheel drive BMW; however, there's only one way to find out.

So, let's see how it shakes out.

Evo Magazine's Jetho Bovington takes them out on the track and lets us know the real deal below.

Jethro compares the Audi S3 against the BMW M135i on track at Bedford Autodrome.

VIDEO: CAR WARS! Can BMW's M135i Hold Onto The Title Of BEST Entry-Level Performance Car Against The All-New Audi S3?

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