You know, I hate to sound like a snob but it's hard to keep me impressed for a bit of time. I am not saying I have the attention of a goldfish but in the speedy age of social media it takes real brilliance to keep a good thing going.

Well, Jaguar Land Rover has.

It's one thing to talk about the products that are significantly better than years past, but it's another when you look at the marketing. I love the in-your-face tour of F-Types sporting the Union Jack wrap in a very Austin Powers way. I love that JLR put hashtags on its test cars. It's all pretty ballsy.

You'll remember not too long ago Land Rover released a special Victoria Beckham-designed Evoque. No word if she actually designed it or just sat down and spoke with product people then JLR gave her a nice title.

Well, it turns out the hubby is getting in on the action too. David Beckham and Jaguar have joined together to sell cars in China with Beckham acting as a brand ambassador. According to reports, this is to help boost an upcoming product push in the emerging market.

Jaguar has announced football icon David Beckham will be joining the British manufacturer as a brand ambassador for China. The appointment has been made to help support Jaguar’s forthcoming product launches in the Chinese market.

The former England and Manchester United ace will be staring in a series of TV commercials and print adverts exclusively in China. The brand’s latest production model, the
F-Type Coupe, will be the first model to get Beckham’s official backing, while plans to promote the XJ saloon have also been made...

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David Beckham And Jaguar Team Up To TACKLE The Chinese Market

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