At the 2014 Geneva auto show, we got the first hands-on demonstrations of CarPlay, the feature of iOS7 that Apple announced last year as iOS in the Car. From comments on the Internet, you might think Apple software has now taken over car dashboards, leaving Android users with the choice to convert or walk.

It may seem unlikely, but many Internet commenters are wrong, at least about CarPlay. I was one of the first journalists to get a demonstration of the system at the show, and I was impressed.

Rather than a revolution in dashboard infotainment, what I saw in CarPlay was an evolution of iOS music library integration in cars. For the last 10 years, cars have increasingly featured USB ports that let you plug in an iPod, iPhone, or iPad with its white cable, and control music playback using the car's own touch screen LCD or dashboard controls. With this integration, you can browse music by artist, album, genre, and track, select something, and play it.

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Apple's Car Play Isn't About Taking Over The Car - But More About Bringing A Familiar Face To The Dash

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