Bugatti has been making some moves to clear out its existing inventory. It's not easy moving multi-million dollar vehicles these days. If realtors have trouble moving inventory of multi-million dollar homes, what makes you think that cars would be any easier?

With the release of its many special editions, we have to say that the Legends collection has been pretty enticing.

The latest unveiled model was for the founding automaker's brother, Rembrandt Bugatti. Though he was a sculptor, he was critical in the shaping — literally — of the marque's icon.

Today though one of the next vehicles in line to be revealed showed up early. This Legend car will honor Elisabeth Junek, the first woman to win a Grand Prix. She must have been a boss.

If this image is to be believed, it appears that it will receive a two-tone exterior in black and yellow with a brown interior. We're sure there will be some personal touches to make sure Junek's legacy is appropriately honored as we've seen in the other Legend cars.

...This image, posted on a French Bugatti forum, clearly shows the new model next to a picture of Junek. The car is scheduled to be revealed later this year.

Again based on the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, the latest Legends car appears to feature a two-tone paint scheme with bespoke painted alloy wheels and minor trim modifications.

Inside, the model gets brown leather trim, with Junek's signature woven into the head rests. As with other models in the series, a number of subtle tributes to Junek's life are expected to feature inside...

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LEAKED! The NEXT Bugatti Veyron Special Edition To Honor FIRST Woman To WIN A Grand Prix

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