After the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, it was clear that one car made some serious noise. And that car, my friends, was the Maserati Alfieri.

A concept car brought forward — I presume — to replace the aging Gran Turismo, it's a stunning two-door that brings a mix of Maserati's design being used today and some new-age details never seen before. There has been some rumblings that Maserati is eager to build it to continue its big push to hit 50,000 units.

Can't blame them. You have to remember, you've got to strike while the iron's hot. Given all the praise during the show over the Alfieri, it may not be a bad idea to productionalize the car.

Seen in our cover shot is a snippet from a render done up by Xtomi. This site features some top-notch graphics work and some innovative renders. This Alfieri is a slightly more toned down "production" look at the Alfieri.

Considering all this, if the Alfieri were to become a reality, would it beat out the Jaguar F-Type, Porsche 911 and BMW 6-Series SIMPLY on STYLE alone?

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RENDERED SPECULATION: Should Maserati BUILD The Alfieri Concept, Does It WIN Against The F-Type, 911, 6-Series On STYLE Points Alone?

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