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Mazda has confirmed details about its next Skyactiv petrol engines. These will be fitted to its next generation of cars, likely to begin with the next Mazda6 in 2018, and will offer a 30 per cent improvement in efficiency.

That means today’s 118bhp Mazda3 Skyactiv petrol would improve from 55.4mpg and 119g/km of CO2 emissions, to around 70mpg and under 85g/km.

However, despite the claims, the new engines are only just being testing on dynos in Mazda’s R&D centre in Japan, and are yet to power a car.

A third generation of Skyactiv petrol engine, due in 2025, improves this to around 50g/km, with well-to-wheel CO2 emissions so low that they’re close that those of current electric cars. 


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