C/D: Let’s talk about styling. How will Audi design evolve?

UH: It will surely be changed; it will be developed. The face will evolve without losing its brand character. This is a process that is happening right now and that will take a while to materialize. My focus is the next generation of the A8.

C/D: You are the driver behind the standardization of architectures in the Volkswagen Group. On the other hand, you are now leading a team of engineers at Audi that has often taken pride in its independence. How does this go together? How will Audis be different from their related VW Group cars?

UH: Audi engineers are still quite independent. An Audi must have a unique aura, a unique execution, and it must offer its own powertrains. There is a focus on Quattro, and there will be RS versions topping almost every vehicle range.

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Audi R&D Chief Discusses the Future of Audi Design and Says An RS Model Will Top Almost Every Model Range

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