If you were like most of us you had given up hope for Chrysler as it faced the second bailout in the brand's seesaw history.  But salvation came not only in the form of a US bailout but leadership from another unlikely source, Fiat.  The leadership and forward thinking of Fiat was just what it took to turn the company around and just a few short years later we see a new Chrysler.

Now the question is how do you grow when you only offer 3 models? 

A new compact sedan labeled the 100 rolls out in 2016

A full-sized crossover in 2017

A mid-sized crossover in 2018.

The Chrysler Town & Country minivan will be  redesigned in

Fiat Chrysler also debut a new plug-in hybrid version of the Town & Country and a plug-in crossover in 2017.

Chrysler's ambitious plan is to grow from its 2013 level of 350,000 sales to 800,000 units in 2018.


Chrysler's Plans To Double Sales By 2018- See What They Have Been Planning

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