If there's one quibble about the Ferrari FF it always comes down to the hatch design. It's funny because for YEARS Ferrari built conventional 2+2s that were gorgeous but there was one MAJOR problem: the take rate was low AND their depreciation was much more significant over other models.

So, the all-wheel drive utilitarian — the FF — was born.

The past few months there's been some ongoing debate on whether a leaked sketch of a purportedly all-new Ferrari was legitimate or not. Of course with customers like Ferrari, when speculation pegged it as a one-off for a customer with deep pockets, it made sense. Well, it seems that's precisely what happened here.

A spy photo taken up close of the all-new SP America seems to make it as clear as day that a coachbuilt F car has been built and is in transit to its very loving owner.

As of now there's hasn't been any official word or press information issued by Ferrari S.p.A. So, we'll play the waiting game until someone else leaks the info.

SPIED: Is This The One-Off Ferrari FF? FIRST Look At The SP America

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