Once and a while you have to step back and look at a test vehicle and simply ask: "Is that what I think it is?" Although it's a pretty rare thing, sometimes automakers disguise vehicles in order to completely throw off everyone.

Sometimes a test vehicle may wear another company's logo or body, and I've even heard of engineers using other company's exterior parts to help disguise their product. From what I've heard it sounds like these guys and gals are having a bit too much fun! ;)

Now, onto the main event. In this series of photos a current-generation Volkswagen Tiguan body is seen towing a trailer, but clearly this vehicle's chassis is different. Check out how much lower this Tiguan is over the product that's currently shipping. This thing is slammed!

Also, what's going on with that MASSIVE rear fuel filler door? Could this possibly be a gas/electric hybrid?

What do YOU think is REALLY going on here? Weigh in, below!

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