Lexus is a past master at hybrid SUVs - the larger RX hybrid models have found a huge following not only in the US, but among affluent city dwellers in Europe too. The NX promises to offer the same appeal in a smaller, sexier package, costing from £29,495 - £5,000 less than the other NX, the 200t, with its 2.0-litre turbocharged engine.
When you team that with the NX 300h’s claimed 56.5mpg (20mpg better than the NX200t) and 116g/km (for the front-drive version), the hybrid NX looks to be the obvious choice for private and company buyers alike. There’s even a clever all-wheel drive system to consider. Lexus’ E-Four drivetrain uses an additional electric motor on the rear axle, which kicks in when slip is detected or hard acceleration is demanded. The rest of the time you’ve got a petrol-electric front-driver, deploying a system output of 195bhp.

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DRIVEN: Lexus NX300h Let Down By Hefty Weight And Uninspired Powertrain

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