There are so many great things about San Diego but two of the best are that Auto Spies and ComicCon have presence here.

You may wonder why we cover the show seeing we're a car site.

Full ComicCon 2014 Photo Gallery

So we'll tell you why...

1. Cool movie/show cars are debuted here as well as classics from yesteryear's favorites.
2. Many of the biggest trends in fashion, auto, tech and entertainment get their inspiration from the show.
3. The audience that attends and that follows the show is a VERY important audience that any successful company can learn from and market to. Just take Dodge, the sponsor of all our coverage and of the Sin City displays and events.
4. If you can put a positive image of your product at the show, this audience is extremely savvy and are social media PRO's. They share there positive AND negative experiences quickly and often.
5. Designers look to shows like this from costumes, colors, themes, etc. to make sure their work is ahead of the curve and attractive to these consumers.

There are many more reasons but those are just a few.

Plus, the thing is just damn fun and a riot to attend. If you never have you are missing the funnest people watching event on earth and America's finest city. All us San Diegan's are great ambassadors of our lovely town. Best place on the planet in our opinion and why we have a satellite office here even though our headquarters are now in Texas.

So take your time and look at the FULL gallery. It really is quite incredible and entertaining.

The 2014 San Diego ComicCon (SDCC) photo galleries are sponsored by Dodge.

Full ComicCon 2014 Photo Gallery

The ABSOLUTELY Most Disturbingly Satisfying, Weird And BEST Photos From The ComicCon Show Floor Today!

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