Today was the last day of the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con show so we threw our gear into the 2015 Dodge Challenger on last time and headed down to shoot some final photos of all the excitement.

We promise you this if you ever come there is NO better people watching place on the planet.

Enjoy the last photos! But remember, in order to present the FULL Comic-Con experience, some of the photos are NSFW and honestly just plain freak city and could be props on a Criminal Minds episode. we're not kidding. Browse forewarned!

Full ComicCon 2014 Photo Gallery

Take your time and look at the FULL gallery now with over 1000 images. It really is quite incredible and entertaining.

The 2014 San Diego ComicCon (SDCC) photo galleries are sponsored by Dodge.

So for another year, San Diego Comic-Con is now behind us...

Full ComicCon 2014 Photo Gallery

EXCLUSIVE- Spies Catch The Last Bit Of FREAKINESS, HORROR and The BIZZARE At Comic-Con! Some NSFW

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