This summer has been a deadly one. For whatever reason it seems like parents these days are completely absent minded. Children and pets are dying in cars because they're being left unattended.

Now the cynic in me believes that this year isn't necessarily an anomaly. This sort of thing likely happens all the time, it's just that the media has sunk its teeth into the subject this year for whatever reason. Perhaps it's a slow news cycle? Considering the major current events going on concerning the Middle East and Russia, I don't believe that's the case.

Leave it to the free markets to come to the rescue in this time of stupidity. According to syndicated reports from CNN, a New Mexico teen has invented an alarm that will alert people if they leave a child in a hot automobile.

Considering I've seen at least three stories in the past two weeks about these scenarios playing out across the nation, I'd say it is a rather timely invention.

**To learn more about it, check out the clip below!

A New Mexican's invention could curb hot car deaths.

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VIDEO: Have Parents Gotten DUMBER That They Need This Teen's Invention To PREVENT DEATH?

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