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In recent years it's been pretty evident that the conservative and teutonic look that BMW used to strive for has been tossed out the window. No long is it a marque of stoic sedans and coupes.

Now there's wacky four-door coupe sport-utility vehicles and Gran Turismos that are, frankly, hideous.

One car we weren't expecting to disappoint when it made its global debut not too long ago was the then all-new 1-Series. Let's just put it this way, it had the face only a mother could love.

With its bulging eyes, dolphin-inspired nose and peculiar kidney grilles the whole look didn't seem to add up. The good news is that we're finally at the point where it's time for the company to issue a lifecycle impulse (LCI).

Don't mind the BMW-speak, it's just a facelift.

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