Grocery shopping is something you can't get away from and even the celebrities do it when they have the time.  But if you are going to be seen in public you have to consider how the paparazzi are going to catch you in action when you pick up that big bag of bagel crisps and tub of hummus from Whole Foods.  It is all about public perception. we guess but what is classy?

So do you arrive with your kiddo in tow like Jessica Alba in a blacked out Audi A8L TDI or in a chauffer driven Cadillac Escalade like pop star Justin Bieber, or just a Lexus RX Hybrid like Hayden Panettiere?

Source (Zimbio)

Source (Zimbio)

Source: X17 Online

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Which Is Best Ride To Seen In When Shopping At Whole Foods?

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