Located nearby where I live is a strip of car dealers alongside a state highway. Unlike the authorized and franchised businesses where you'll find a showroom and service center for a specific marque, these retailers offer a different experience. These independent dealers have the lot packed to the rafters with luxury vehicles and have enticing signage to get you on the lot.

As I was passing through the other day and I was stopped at a traffic light, I peered into one particular lot. It was full of late model Land Rover Range Rovers, Audis, BMWs — including an all-new 6-Series Gran Coupe —and Lexus'. I noted that there were actually a good amount of potential buyers walking in and out of the sales office and I could only wonder "Why?"

Am I missing something here?

Would YOU buy a luxury car from a SHADY car dealer?

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Would YOU Ever Buy A Luxury Car From A SHADY Car Dealer?

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