In the General Motors products universe it's clear that some cars are a little too close for comfort when compared to their respective relatives.

Although the company said it would refrain from platform rengineering, it's still a reality.

So when the company decided to revamp the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban and also give us an all-new Cadillac Escalade, we were intrigued how the company would differentiate each product.

If you ask us, if you're going to take a dip into the GM world, you should definitely be a SMART buyer and experience the low and high-end models. You'd be completely silly not to. Avoid the marketing hype, folks.

That said, The New York Times recently got behind the wheel of the MASSIVE Escalade ESV to provide us with a bit of color and let us know exactly how different the Escalade is set apart from its relative, the Suburban.

**SEE the NYTimes review of the Cadillac Escalade, below!

Cars and S.U.V.s are not solely about transportation. If that were the case, we’d all be driving old Honda Civics and Ford Explorers. People want to drive their personalities, and because of that, the Cadillac Escalade looms large in pop culture. And if merely big isn’t big enough, Cadillac offers the ESV model that I recently tested, with a wheelbase 14 inches longer than the standard model’s....

...The fourth-generation Escalade is far more distinct and luxurious than the original or its other predecessors. The interior is unique to Cadillac, and the gracefully menacing exterior no longer looks like a Chevy that ditched its bow tie. The Escalade’s additional presence, power and luxury are tangible, though Chevrolet owners get a better user interface in MyLink. The touch sensitivity of Cadillac’s Cue system is lethargic...

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