I live in Bergen County, New Jersey. To me, there's only several other places I'd rather be: 1) Sausalito; 2) San Diego; 3) Malibu.

If I were to draw a five mile radius around my domicile you'd be able to pick out homes of today's most powerful C-level executives, Wall Street titans, athletes and entertainers. Out of the lengthy list of folks living in the area, one of them is noted comedian Chris Rock.

Like most folks on a weekend morning you wake up early and head out for some exercise or you hit your favorite coffee joint with a buddy to catch up. Today a dear friend visiting from California and I stopped in one of our favorite local roadside joints for a cup of coffee and to BS. This is when we bumped into Rock who was simply leafing through The New York Times and enjoying the cool morning sun.

Being that I am Curious Geroge, I had to see what he was driving. BEFORE I answer you though, I want to play a game: guess what set of wheels Rock was piloting.

See the three photos and pick from your choices below.

- Aston Martin Vanquish
- Audi Q7
- Audi A5
- Mercedes-Benz S-Class
- Porsche Macan

SPIED: Chris Rock Gets Spotted In 00R's Neighborhood — Can YOU Guess What He Drives?

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