I remember when the Jaguar F-Type first came out. People went nuts over the slick design and fantastic exhaust notes from its V6 and V8 motors. But, a select few were a bit more curious about something else...

"Will you build it with a manual?"

In a day and age where the standard transmission is essentially a four-letter word, one would think that the leaping cat would stay away from a row-it-yourself transmission. But, way back then, Jaguar actually said that it was possible.

What you're seeing and hearing below may be the very first time we're hearing a manual gearbox being used in an F-Type test vehicle.

With speculation abound that Jaguar is working on a four-cylinder and an all-wheel drive set up for the F-Type, it seems like the already exciting Jag may just become even more so in the next couple of years.

Stay tune to for the latest!

Is Jaguar surprising us with a manual gearbox for the F-Type S V6 and V8? In this video you can definitely the sound of a manuel gearbox by changing gears.Rumor has it that Jaguar will also bring an all-wheel drive F-Type on the market. I am very excited: a manual all-wheel drive F-Type!

SPIED + VIDEO: SEEN and HEARD! HEAR Anything DIFFERENT About This Jaguar F-Type?

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