When it comes to celebrity cars, it's cool to see a Ferrari or Bentley driven by someone on the A-list. But, you have to give it to the folks that you can tell really want to stand out. Not only with colors, but with the make, model and in this instance, gearbox.

Formula One's Lewis Hamilton is known for ordering his Pagani Zonda 760 LH but it's not seen too often. Perhaps it could be that whole traveling the world to drive F1 cars getting in the way.

Turns out that Hamilton must of had a bit of downtime because his unbelievable Zonda was seen sitting outside of one of Monaco's famous casinos in all of its purple splendor.

From what we see in the photos, it appears that Hamilton really digs the color. It's seen on the headlights, wheels, exhaust surround and some other little details. Clearly he spec'd his car out very carefully and must have went over every bit and bauble.

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Lewis Hamilton's Pagani Zonda 760 LH Spotted In Monaco In ALL Of Its Purple Glory

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