As we've been reporting for quite some time, we're a bit disappointed to see what Ford has let happen to Lincoln. The company's products are not what they once were.

The good news is that we think its latest offering might have a bit of panache to garner some attention from consumers. And, if you subscribe to what our user @MattDarringer says, he's telling us there's been pretty strong interest at the retail location he operates/works at/whatever.

We're pretty sure their all-new marketing campaign featuring Oscar winning Matthew McConaughey won't hurt it, either. BUT, we're a wee bit curious to see what YOU all think. After all, we believe you're the industry's tastemakers.

So, is the use of this Hollywood A-lister a HIT or MISS? What say you, Spies?

We’re introducing the first-ever Lincoln MKC with Matthew McConaughey. Sometimes you've got to go back, to actually move forward. Visit to learn more. #InTheMoment

VIDEO: THIS Is What Happens When Lincoln And Matthew McConaughey TEAM Up — Does This Change How YOU Feel About The Lincoln MKC?

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