If presented with the chance to pick my favorite late night host, I'd probably have to opt for Conan O'Brien. What can I say? I love a tall, zany and well-coiffed talk show host.

Oh, and he's pretty damn funny.

As I noted in a previous thread discussing Lincoln's all-new advertisements featuring Oscar-winning Matthew McConaughey, this is an opportunity for the company to break out from its downward spiral. And though O'Brien and his team may have a bit of fun at Lincoln's expense, the old adage "there is no bad press" applies.

I am sure the company is enjoying a nice amount of attention.

That said, check out how Team Coco pokes fun at Lincoln's latest ads featuring the A-lister.

Matthew is a very serious actor now, but is he the right fit to represent Lincoln's new luxury SUV?

VIDEO: That Didn't Take Long — Conan O'Brien GOOFS On Lincoln's All-New Ads Featuring Matthew McConaughey

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