It's fun and easy to pretend play with someone else's money and there is nothing better than imaging how you would run a multi-billion dollar auto company. Fantasy sports are a close second though. It's particularly fun to green-light awesome concepts that brands have deserted over the years. Usually this involves ignoring technological feasibility or market demands but there are concepts that seem to be guaranteed slam dunks if they were produced. Here are a few concepts from the past with awesome design and strong business cases that would need minimal updates to succeed today.

The 2001 Volkswagen Microbus Concept is still one of the best concepts to never see the light of day. It's the one that got away. Certainly the minivan market is not strong enough today for Volkswagen to make a case for the Microbus anymore and the Routan experiment doesn't help one bit. More reasonable is the 2011 Bulli Concept, itself a fresher 7/10th take on the Microbus. With the runaway success of the Kia Soul there is a business case and VW has claimed that its super versatile MQB platform can produce fun vehicles at minimal expense. So far nothing has materialized of these claims, at least in the US. VW desperately needs a shot in the arm in the US in the way that the New Beetle did years ago and a retro mini/compact van is the best way at it along with some good vibes for the rest of us.

If you had one wish which concept car would you bring from corporate storage into reality?

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Concept Cars That Should Be Built Right Now

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