My, oh, my. What does Lamborghini have in store for us THIS time? Whatever it is, we're sure it's going to be pretty great.

That's because is one of the few companies that thinks completely out of the box still. Remember the Estoque and the Egoista? It's rare to find a company with the brass to really put their neck on the line as most automakers are bean counters these days.

Before October's Paris Motor Show, the raging bull has teased us with a silhouette of what may be an all-new GT concept car. The caption isn't particularly revealing but we think we get the gist:

"Once perfection is achieved, you can just double it."

Seems to us like Lamborghini is going to get back to its roots with a 2+2 or proper four seat GT car.

From the drawing it appears to have a clamshell roof, fastback roofline and venting behind where the front door would be.

Perhaps it will take some inspiration from the Espada?

What do you forecast, Spies?

PARIS MOTOR SHOW: TEASED! October 2, Lamborghini Will Be Showing Off Something Bound To Be AWESOME

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