When it comes to the F1 series, I feel these events are best left to the consummate professionals. That's because I have minimal understanding of Formula One and as it is a VERY complex sport. From the aerodynamic regulations to the latest safety equipment to the causes behind WHY a race is held on time or delayed, it's a bit of a mess.

That said, a publication abroad — The Telegraph — that's more plugged into the situation asked not one or two, but FIVE particularly excellent questions that should help explain the situation to us mere mortals.

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1. Why did the race start with a typhoon coming?
The FIA had hoped to move the start time forward by four hours from 3pm, given the forecast was that Typhoon Phanfone would arrive around the time the cars were lining up on the grid. On three occasions organisers rejected the idea fearing spectators would miss the race.

2. So was it safe to race at the end?

The rain at that point was getting worse, but it was not totally undriveable, as several drivers have said. The problem was that light was fading fast on an already gloomy day at Suzuka. Adrian Sutil, who crashed the lap before Jules Bianchi, said he felt this was a factor...

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Five TOUGH Questions Surrounding The Jules Bianchi F1 Crash At The Japanese Grand Prix

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