Ever since its debut, the BMW X6 has dealt with controversy. Some people said "Why bother getting this when it's the same as the X5," others simply said "It looks ugly," while others said "It's ridiculous."

But then the car hit showrooms and it got consumer's attention. Regardless of what folks want to say, the X6 did sell quite well. And, to be honest, we've never had a problem with it here at

2015 BMW X6

So when we heard the all-new X6 was on its way, we weren't hating on it.

Although Agent 001 started his week in Washington D.C., he made his way down to Greenville, South Carolina to check out the latest X. From there he will be heading to Savannah, Georgia and we'll be bringing you his latest shots.

Stay tuned for more updates as 001 is on his way and scope out his latest shots of the X6, below!

2015 BMW X6

YEE HAW! 001 Heads Due SOUTH To Drive One Of BMW's WILDEST Looking Rides, The All-New X6

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